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Our Real Time Monitoring feature uses unique software to collect real-time data on the website or online platform your child is viewing so we can immediately identify threats. If a threat is identified you will receive an alert highlighting the type of threat, time/date accessed and expert advice on how to approach the topic. Because it is important to us that trust is preserved between you and your child this feature only gathers online behaviours and never invades privacy by monitoring actual content.

Our Parent/Child Tracking feature, for GPS enabled devices, can be used by you, as well as your child. This optional feature has the potential to solve problems of delayed school pick ups, losing your family in a big crowd and much more.

Our World Class Educational Material — developed by child safety experts — underpins the alerts that are sent in the app to you if your child accesses harmful content. These materials provide you with advice and tips to consider when preparing to talk to your children about the harmful content they have accessed.

Additionally, our Child Friendly Dashboard provides your child with their own statistics for their device usage. This hands over some control and knowledge to your child, making them aware of their own digital footprint allowing them to develop their digital well-being.

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